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The real and the surreal

The images of our thoughts are our only reality: without these images there is just nothingness; indeed, there would not even be an image of this nothingness. Reality for us is thus always and only an image, and what we think we see, touch or hear is a continuous and new production of the things in the world: we are like actors who come on stage every night to recite a text that has already been written and that thus seems to be always the same, but at every performance the actor changes a breath or simply a hand gesture, and then everything can change, everything can acquire meaning or lose it forever. Our reality is therefore the substance of emotions that outline and colour everything, always creating different scenarios of our past, of our present existence and bursts of future imagination.
    As Shakespeare said,  "We are such stuff as dreams are made on ".
Thus, the images of my photography and those of my video clips look more like the inner reality of dreams than the objective, and therefore impossible, reproduction of things.

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