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Venice, disjointed images

As shown in the opening credits, our memory, despite the huge number of images we experience, consciously retains only a small part of our past. So, in this film, I avoided including the story of a journey as much as possible, and I avoided illustrating the more famous and tourism aspects of an incredible city like Venice. I instead just tried to accompany it with a series of memories, often unrelated, but perhaps stitched together by an invisible thread, the effort of the mind in an ongoing attempt to reconstruct our personal past, to finally give a semblance of meaning to our being there.
Memory is a loose soil, fragile where the images that populate it are not chosen by us but by the constant excitement of living that pervades us all continuously, trying to show us at least the semblance of a sense of living; in this, I think that the memory - which is fragile and fluctuating - is very similar to the reality of our dreams, those that populate our sleep as the interpretation of things, in the light of day.

Duration: about 29 minutes

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